Life in Lyon

Housing in Lyon/ France

Not going to lie, trying to obtain housing in France can be a huge pain!  I spent a week in Italy before arriving in France, and when I left the United States I did not have housing.  Although, housing was a little bit harder for me because I was looking for a two bedroom known as a “T2.”  There are many options, however, people do not reply, there is no space left, they need information you don’t have, etc.  When I was looking for housing in Lyon apartment complexes wanted a copy of my ID card so I sent them my drivers license, but they told me that was not valid. To this day I still do not know what ID they were looking for.  When studying abroad sometimes it can be harder to find housing with a short contract.  When I arrived in Lyon I learned a lot of people were staying with a company called Chez Nestor; you can pick what area you want to live in and then they place you in an apartment with other people.  It is not like a typical college dorm where you all share one room.  You have your own room, but you share a common area, bathroom, and kitchen.  If I could redo housing for Lyon I would choose to go through Chez Nestor.  If you are looking for housing in Lyon there is only one place I would not recommend living in is Guillotiere.  When you are looking for things for your apartment look at Ikea-you can take a metro and bus to get there or you can have it shipped to you- also look at Carrefour in Part Dieu, or look online.  There is no Walmart or Target, but Carrefour in Part Dieu is the closest thing to it.


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