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Over my semester break I went to Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, and Krakow with some friends.  To get to Vienna was a hike from Lyon because we wanted it to be as cheap as possible so from Lyon we bussed to Geneva, Switzerland and from there we flew to Munich, Germany where we took a train to Salzburg, Austria.  Just a heads up that Salzburg is a pretty expensive place.  We arrived in Salzburg late at night and then took a bus to our hostel.  This was my friends and my first time at a hostel, and it was a great first experience at Eduard Heinrich-Haus.  Salzburg is famous for two things: The Sound of Music and Mozart; The Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg and Mozart was born there.  I spent about a day in a half there in February and I that was enough time there considering it was too cold to hike in the alps or even see them because it was so cloudy.  Salzburg is a beautiful city and you can see a lot for free!  This is truly a walking city and most of the beautiful parts of Salzburg can be seen by just walking around.

Day 1:

When I first arrived in the center of the city I walked in and out of little shops that are considered “mom and pop shops.”  I did some research before arriving to see what Sound of Music parts were filmed in the city.  The symmetry where the Von Trapps hid from the Nazis and parts of the song Do Re Mi were filmed in the center city.  While I was walking around the city I happened to stumble upon the symmetry where the Von Trapps hid and there are catacombs in the same symmetry as well.  The catacombs are one euro and fifty cents and you can get incredible views of the town, which is where the picture was taken, and Mozart’s sister is buried there.  After we went up to the Fortress where you can see the Eagles Nest from and you can tour around it for twelve euros.  I recommend going up because you can get panoramic views of the city and you can tour the museum with the basic ticket.  After braving the Fortress in the snow we went to Cafe Sacher, which is on the other side of the river from city center, at this cafe they serve world famous Chocolate Torte.  Even Kings and Queens have eaten this cake.  There is another cafe in Vienna where you can order the cake from anywhere in the world and receive it in forty eight hours.  After words we walked to the Cathedral and then to the Mirabell Palace.  There were more scenes filmed at the Palace, but some of the ground were closed because it was winter.  You can walk around on the grounds for free and see the fountain where the characters danced and sang around.  After the Palace we made it home for the evening.


Day 2 in Salzburg:

In the morning we went on a Sound of Music tour so that way we can see almost all of the places the move was filmed.  The tour is close to forty euros, but I think it is worth it because the views you also get to see on the bus.  The front and back of the house used in the movie are two different houses so we got to see both side of the house, however, the front of the house is a music school and the house used for the back is privately owned.  The tour also stopped at the gazebo where the song Sixteen Going on Seventeen was filmed; unfortunately the doors are locked.  After taking us around the see the main sights of the movie we went to the church where the wedding took place in Mondsee, Austria.  Along the way to the church the bus stopped so we could get out and take picture of a beautiful lake and alps.  Once we made it to Mondsee we walked into the little town and got to walk into the church.  It is a church unlike I had ever seen it was so different from any cathedral in France or Italy that I had seen.  After the church we went to a cafe called Cafe Braun where we had the warm vanilla strudel-which is amazing!  After the church the tour took us back to Salzburg.  Once we were back my friends and I walked up to the museum of Modern Art where we took in the views of the city.  After taking in the views it was time for us to leave Salzburg.


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