I spent about a day and a half in Vienna in February with some friends.  We bussed into Vienna after we visited Salzburg.  We stayed at the hostel Rutherstein, it was a great place to stay.  It was about fifteen euros a night and it was all very clean.  On our first day there we visited the Belvedere Palace. We quickly realized that palaces in Austria are very different than palaces in France.  In France the palaces are covered in gold and no expense was spared while in palaces in Austria they have a simpler elegance.  Rather than gold the Belvedere palace was mostly white with an abundance of beautiful moldings on the walls.  You can get inside the castle for seventeen euros, but be warned this is an art museum this is not a palace where you get to walk through and look at the way the royals who lived there lived.  Personally, I thought it was a beautiful castle, however, I did not expect it to be all art.  The grounds are nice to walk around as well.  After leaving the castle we hopped on the public transportation and rode around until we found something that looked interesting.  The first place we stopped was the Russian War Memorial.  It is a stand alone memorial that is outside so you can stop and take pictures of it as well as.  We only spent a few minutes there because it was beautiful, however, all of the writing is in Russian.  We continued to walk around to see what we would stumble upon.  We found the library and it happened to be free that day.  When you walk in it is something it reminds you of the library out of Beauty and the Beast.  The books go from floor to ceiling with paintings on the ceilings.  I would recommend going because it is stunning.

The next morning we took a free tour around Vienna.  If you Google free tours you can find many different companies that give them.  I like the free tours better than the paid ones because the tour guide tries harder because they make money off of what tips you give them based upon how good you thought the tour was.  The tour guide had an iPad with her so she could show us pictures of people and scenes from movies.  She told about the history of the city as well as some things that happened in Vienna during World War II.  She gave info about Mozart, the Royals, the Hapsburg family, etc.  She walked us all around the city from government and museum sides to the Jewish Quarter.  After the tour we ate Schnitzel which is wonderful- everyone should try it- one of the best in Vienna is at Zum Figmuller.  Once we had our fill of Schnitzel we walked into St. Stephen’s it is old gothic style.  It is beautiful with the high ceiling, the chandlers, and the pipe organ.  We did a lot in a day in half, but it would have been nice to have two full days there.


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