After the trip to Vienna we bussed to Prague. Prague is one of my top favorite cities in Europe! Whenever you think of old medieval Europe Prague feels like you almost go back there. It is the coolest place with a lot to do with a lot of history. This city is also super cheap when you do the conversion from USD to Czech Krown. I USD is about 25 Czech Krown, and you can get bagels for 19 krown. My two friends and I met up with three of our friends there so we got an Airbnb there. This was the best Airbnb I have ever been in. It was spacious, nice, and in a safe area. Out the window from the living room you can see the US Embassy and the Italian Embassy is near there as well so any car that drivers by is checked to make sure there is no suspicious activity. I highly recommend this place to everyone it is by the castle and the bridge that takes you across the water is St.Charles bridge, and it is only a few block away from the Lennon Wall. There is a great bagel/ breakfast place, Bohemia Bagels, not even 5 minutes from where we stayed and it is right next to the bridge. The link to the Airbnb is at the bottom!

We spent three days in Prague. On the first day we did a free walking tour. I have learned on the first day that it is best to do the free walking tours so that way you get a feel for the city and then you can see what you want to go back to after the tour. The tour took us to Old Town, New Town, Red Light District, and Jewish Quarter. The tour guide was great, he told us where the one of the only free bathrooms in the Prague which is in the mall on the second floor. We also booked a castle tour with the same company for later that date. Between the tours we ate at a place the tour guide recommended for some beers and some food. For the castle tour, we took a bus up to the castle where the tour guide took us all over, and took us into the cathedral. The cathedral looks super old, but it was actually finished in the 1950’s. The really cool thing about this cathedral was the “Whispering Arch”. You can find it in the back towards where you entered. One person stands on one side and another person stands on the other and you can speak to each other that way. Then he took us around the grounds and told us about the Czech President and the history of the castle. I highly recommend on the first day going to the Jewish Quarter and buying tickets for the Jewish museums which is all on one ticket. It is under 9 euros and it is good for seven days. A really cool place to go out for drinks is a place called “The Pub.” You are your bartender and the goal is to out drink the other tables.

The second day we went to Bohemia Bagels, and then went to the Lennon Wall. We spent more time here then what we planned for because it was such a cool place that you stop and listen to the music being played and take pictures and look to see what everyone else had written. When you go remember to bring your own sharpie/ spray paint. We then walked across the bridge again and at the end there is the tower and you can go up to the top for about two euros; at the top you can get 360 views of the city. After that we walked around the city to see what we could see and then we went over to Jewish Quarter and toured the museums. They were all so moving and so eye opening I think everyone should go see them, and all of the synagogues are basically untouched because it is said that when Hitler went to Prague he thought it was so beautiful he did not want to destroy it.

The third day we went to Kunta Hora a small city outside of Prague and it has the chapel of bones. This chapel has the bones of over 70,000 people that died during the plague and the cemetery used to be the biggest cemetery in all of Europe up until World War II. When my friends and I walked into the chapel we were talking about it and the lady working at the desk yelled, but there was someone chugging Fireball and touching the bones…okay. It was a cool place to see and after the chapel we got to walk around the city.

The Airbnb:


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