Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one of my favorite places!  As a lifetime gift, my Aunt and Uncle gave me a week vacation to Italy with my cousins.  This is the best and most generous gift I have ever received, and one I will cherish forever!  I stayed in Sorrento with my two cousins- this was the first place I ever went to in Europe.  I went in December so it was a little colder than peak season, but it was still beautiful!  We stayed at the Casa Astarita in Sorrento; this was such a beautiful place it was a spacious place for three people and it had a balcony that hung over the main street.  It was truly an amazing first experience in Europe.  Every morning we would walk out of the room for breakfast and the woman working would ask, “Cappuccino?” what a wonderful thing to wake up too.

Day 1:

My cousins and I took a bus from Sorrento to Amalfi where we met up with our tour guide Lucy Zia. She was amazing I highly recommend booking a tour with her!  She showed us what a typical dessert is in that area before heading to the Path of the Gods.  This is a pretty easy hike, I did it in Toms, with amazing views.  Lucy told us about the trail and the history that went with it and explained why it is called the Path of the Gods.  It has to do with the gods because there are three islands that look like it makes one big island and those islands are in the book The Odyssey.  These islands are where the sirens tried to lure Odysseus to his death and he had to stick candles in his ears to drown out their songs.  Once we were done on the hike we had a picnic and then walked around Positano.  The hike starts near Agerola, known as Little Switzerland, and ends in Positano.  She then took us around Positano and walked us down to the beach.  This is one of my favorite things I did in the 7 months I spent in Europe.

Day 2:

This morning we woke up early to go spend half of the day in Capri and the other half at the Pompeii ruins.  We took a ferry from Sorrento to Capri.  We went up to Anacapri to take the chair lifts to the top of a hill, but it was too windy and they were closed.  We started walking up to the top where the chairs drop you off, but we turned around about half way up.  Even if the chairs are closed you should still walk at least part of the way up because the views are unreal from the path. We went to the Church of San Michele, where there is a beautiful scene from the Garden of Eden done in mosaic tile.  Make sure you go to the second floor to see the whole scene from above.  Once it was time to leave Capri we went back to Sorrento to catch the metro to Pompeii.  If you take the metro make sure you get off on the stop Scavi di Pompei and not Pompei.  The ruined city of Pompeii is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.  I thought there were only two thousand people living there when the volcano ruptured, however, twenty thousand people actually lived there.  There is a lot to see here.  We did the Rick Steve’s audio walking tour.  Make sure you walk around and hear about the history and the buildings that are still standing.  On the Rick Steve’s tour, you make stops at the fast food restaurant, the bath house, the brothel, amphitheaters, arenas, etc.  If you wanted to you could also hike Mt. Vesuvius.  Pompeii is a really amazing place to see.


The Amalfi Coast is one of my favorite places in Europe!  The links below are for Lucy Zia in Positano and for Casa Astarita in Sorrento.




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